Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saint John Railfanning January 22 2009

After I did my exam, I decided to head for Saint John to do some railfanning since I didn't have anything better to do. Here are some photos when I just arrived.

An odd looking car that looks like a boxcar & Hopper car in one

NBSR 3703 is out of function and by the looks of it, it's being used for parts

About 10 minutes later, CN 7038 & 7060 return to the yard with some cars

Then they push some more back to the refinery.

Finally around 1:00PM, CN 405's power heads for the Courtenay Bay to collect 43 empty potash cars. The units on 405 are 5647, 4727, 4722 & 2251.

While waiting for CN 405 to return from the Courtenay Bay, the refinery units (CN 7038 & 7060) return to get some coffee. When they headed back, CN 405 was just coming back, so they was a horn show between the two trains.

After CN 405 headed back to the yard, I headed to Tim Horton's for some coffee. When I heard that they got OCS clearance from Mile 83.5 to MP 20 of the Sussex, I headed for Ashburn Lake Rd. crossing. Here's the video I got about what happens in Saint John at Rush Hour.

Once I got the video, I headed for Tennis Court Rd., where saintjohnrailfan was waiting for CN 405 as well. Here's the video and a couple of photos of CN 405 at Tennis Court Rd. in Rothesay.

When I returned to Saint John, I noticed CN 7010 was pushing some TOFC cars

Later, around 6:30pm, I headed to Carle Ave. to catch the NB Southern WB. Nearly 10 minutes after I arrived, I saw NBSR 2317 doing some shunting in the west end of the yard.

Finally, at 8:20pm, NBSR 9802 & 2319 take the WB back to Brownville Jct. in Maine. About 10 minutes later, they pass Acamac Backland Rd.

Afterward, I headed back to my hotel to prep myself for the next day to come.

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