Saturday, February 14, 2009

Railfanning December 21 2008

Since I only did some railfanning once in the Month of December 2008, I may as well give the full story of this local railfanning

CN/IC 2711 (part of train 407) resting at Gort

CN 4760 (part of train 473) & CFMG 6909 at Gort

Later, I caught CN 473 just about ready to depart at Gort. The units are 2200, 8831 & 4760

About 20 minutes later, VIA train 614 (not 14) passes train 473 with 6404 & 6400 hauling Stainless Steel Budd Cars

I headed back into the yard to wait on trains 405 & 539. While waiting, I got a couple of shot of Train 407's power & CFMG 6909 resting in the yard, as well as the switchers (4721 & 4773)

About a couple of minutes later, CN 539 returns from the Humphrey spur with 4729 & 4719 hauling about 5 cars

Here's train 539 switching at Gort

Finally, at around 3:45pm AST, CN train 405 returns from Saint John with 2620, 6016 & 2634 hauling 49 cars

Finally, to conclude this day, on the way back to Memramcook, I figured since VIA 614 was late, so would 615. So I checked the signal, and my predictions where correct.

At around 4:42PM, VIA 615 comes flying trough Memramcook with 6433 & Loto-Quebec unit 6414

Believe it or not, this train (from yesterday's VIA 614) passed the Tantramar Marshes at around 6:00pm

And that ended my day pretty good.

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