Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The new poll on this blog

I added a new blog about which railway would you work for. For this one, you can vote for more than one (1) answer.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 7 2009 of railfanning

Since it was Saturday, and I wasn't doing much, I decided to railfan through out the day. Here's what I saw.

To start the Morning, I caught CN 305 ready to depart Moncton with 2671, 5537, 5360 & IC 2456 (ex. LMS (ex. Conrail)) hauling 133 back to Montreal.

I then headed out to Berry Mills to catch it there. Too bad it was backlit really bad.

Next, I headed back for the yard and caught CN 121 doing some shunting with 2535, 5534 & 2521

Afterward, there wasn't really much. So I stayed around the yard to see if something was coming. Later, I headed back to Berry Mills to catch VIA 14, but I missed it somehow. To my surprise, I caught CN 120 passing Berry Mills with 2249, 2608 & DPU locomotive 2237 hauling 160 cars in the yard

After the whole train went by, I headed to Gort and I saw 121 on the Main track ready to depart. I headed to Berry Mills to catch it. Train 121 was hauling 141 cars in total.

Afterward, I returned to the yard & waited on CN 120 to depart for Halifax. While waiting, I saw CN 4773 & 4729 (the yard shunters) doing some work in the yard.

I also caught CN 407 entering the yard with 5671 & 8021.

I then headed for Memramcook to catch 120. I check the signals at LeBlanc Street and the westbound signal was Green, so I knew VIA 15 was not too far. I waited about 15 minutes before it came by. VIA 15 rolled by with 6428 & 6432 hauling 8 Stainless Steel Budd cars.

Since there was too much snow on that street, I headed to Memramcook Auto to catch CN 120 there. It didn't take long before they rolled on by. And I must says, all these shot have a big difference in all of them even though it's the same trains

CN 120 leaving a vapor trail of snow behind it

CN 2237 the DPU unit

A scenic shot of 120 across the field.

After that, I grabbed some supper & headed on home.