Sunday, February 15, 2009

January 9 2009 of Railfanning

I decided that after school, I would do a bit of railfanning in the Moncton area. I started with VIA 15. When I arrived at the station, I notice that the door heading for the platform was blocked and that the whole station was fenced. I guess there were too many people crossing the tracks at this location. Anyways, here's the video of VIA 15 arriving at Moncton.

Later, I headed for Gort to catch VIA 15 departing Moncton.

After VIA 15 left, I headed in the yard and caught CN 539 returning from the Humphrey spur with 4713 & 4773.

Then, since I was a bit hungry and there was no action for a while, I went to get some supper a continue afterward. I heard on the scanner that CN 308 was asking for clearance to enter the yard. I headed out and caught it right on time. The units were 2653, 6028 & 2684.

While 308 was entering the yard, I heard that CN 537 was ready to depart after 308 has cleared. The units are the same ones from that 539.

Before I made it to Gort, I also heard that CN 405 was getting RTC clearance from MP 37 Sussex Sub to Fundy. So I after 537 headed for Chipman, I headed to the yard and waited on 405. Here's a photo of 308 shunting in the yard.

At around 8:00pm, when I was about to call it a night, CN 405's crew was saying they were approaching Fundy, so I sticked around to catch em. The units were 2620, 6016 & CN/IC 2723

After that, I called it a day and headed for home.

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