Friday, August 8, 2008

Saint John Railfanning July 27 & 28 2008, Day 1

I was in Saint John Sunday & Monday (July 27 & 28 2008) to catch the CP TEC. I arrived in Saint John at around 10:40am. As I arrived, Matt arrived at Staples shortly after my arrival.

At around 11:30am, we saw the NB Southern local heading for the Saint John Industrial Park.NBSR 2612 & CN 7010 in push-pull move

Later, Dave showed up to catch CN 405 departing Saint John. We waited for about 1 hour after me and Matt caught to local before the CN units were on the move. As soon as the CN engines moved, so did we. We headed out for Renforth at a crossing Matt knew about.

We waited for about half an hour before CN 405 came through. Finally, CN 405 came by a 1:17pm with CN 2642, CN 5717 & CN/IC 2706

I decided to grab a bit to eat, then go to my hotel room and head for the Dever Road yard to see what was going on. There wasn't really much. But I did see the CP TEC Train.

CP 3025, with it's three test cars, rest in the yard

I also went to the West End of the yard and saw NB Southern 2317, 2610 & 2318 doing some switching.

Then I headed back to my hotel and rested. But then, when I headed to the car to get something, I saw the same engines heading out of the Island yard for it's transfer train and I caught it at the Reversing Falls bridge.

I headed towards the Dever Road yard. I was surprised when I go there. I saw three NB Southern unit waiting for the transfer train to pull in.

NB Southern 9801, 3702 & 9803 let the transfer train go by

Later, I rejoined Matt & Dave to catch the westbound heading for McAdam.
NB Southern 2317, 2610 & 2318 do some last minute switching before departing

They did there brake test and thee emergency brakes failed. So they fixed up the problem and tried it once more. Finally at around 9:30pm, or so. The NB Southern westbound departed Saint John.

NB Southern 2317, 2610 & 2318 depart Saint John

After that, I headed towards my hotel & called it a day. Day 2 coming up

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