Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The new poll on this blog

I added a new blog about which railway would you work for. For this one, you can vote for more than one (1) answer.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 7 2009 of railfanning

Since it was Saturday, and I wasn't doing much, I decided to railfan through out the day. Here's what I saw.

To start the Morning, I caught CN 305 ready to depart Moncton with 2671, 5537, 5360 & IC 2456 (ex. LMS (ex. Conrail)) hauling 133 back to Montreal.

I then headed out to Berry Mills to catch it there. Too bad it was backlit really bad.

Next, I headed back for the yard and caught CN 121 doing some shunting with 2535, 5534 & 2521

Afterward, there wasn't really much. So I stayed around the yard to see if something was coming. Later, I headed back to Berry Mills to catch VIA 14, but I missed it somehow. To my surprise, I caught CN 120 passing Berry Mills with 2249, 2608 & DPU locomotive 2237 hauling 160 cars in the yard

After the whole train went by, I headed to Gort and I saw 121 on the Main track ready to depart. I headed to Berry Mills to catch it. Train 121 was hauling 141 cars in total.

Afterward, I returned to the yard & waited on CN 120 to depart for Halifax. While waiting, I saw CN 4773 & 4729 (the yard shunters) doing some work in the yard.

I also caught CN 407 entering the yard with 5671 & 8021.

I then headed for Memramcook to catch 120. I check the signals at LeBlanc Street and the westbound signal was Green, so I knew VIA 15 was not too far. I waited about 15 minutes before it came by. VIA 15 rolled by with 6428 & 6432 hauling 8 Stainless Steel Budd cars.

Since there was too much snow on that street, I headed to Memramcook Auto to catch CN 120 there. It didn't take long before they rolled on by. And I must says, all these shot have a big difference in all of them even though it's the same trains

CN 120 leaving a vapor trail of snow behind it

CN 2237 the DPU unit

A scenic shot of 120 across the field.

After that, I grabbed some supper & headed on home.

Friday, February 20, 2009

January 30 2009 of railfanning w/ a Brand New LOCOMOTIVE

Yet some more railfanning in the Month of January. I first headed to Painsec Junction to catch VIA 15. I went to the usual spot, on the side of the road to get a long shot of VIA 15, but I was forced to use the driveway on the other side. It wasn't my best video of the VIA 15 at Painsec Junction, but it's still good enough. VIA 15 had 6421 & 6411.

VIA 15 at Painsec Junction

Later, I headed to the yard and caught CN 120 with 2557, 2574 & a brand new EMD SD70M-2 number 8856.

I also saw CN 4721 doing some shunting & CN 407/408s power on the move. The units on 407 were 5666 & 2591.

I then went to Tim Horton's on the West Main & waited on 120 to come by. But I made a dumb decision to head back to the yard because as soon as I arrived back, CN 120 was already gone. I then chased it to Memramcook, but yet I made another dumb decision & too Main street at Traffic hour & as I was approaching the tracks, I saw 120 going by. CRAP. So I decided to head to Amherst Station & I managed to catch it there.

After that, I called it a night.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Saint John Railfanning January 23 2009

Here is part 2 of my railfanning trip to Saint John in January. On my way to check out the potash yard, I saw CN 7038 & 7060 (part of the NB Southern local) siting off the switch with no crew aboard.

After checking, I headed back to Staples to see what else was going on. Finally, the NBSR local came back.

Once they went by, NBSR 2612 came to the yard, from Dever Rd. yard of course, to collect some cars.

After a while, Matt came along to catch a couple of trains. After a while, the NBSR local returns to the refinery pushing a few cars.

At around 3:00pm, CN 405's power heads for the Courtenay Bay to collect 40 empty potash cars. The units are 2251, 4722, 4727 & 5647.

I headed to Coast Tire and caught em going by nearing the Potash yard.

I then headed to Russell St. and waited on 405 to come back. While waiting, I saw the NBSR local crew getting some coffee from Tim Horton's and then heading back for the refinery.

A few minutes later, the Yard Master told 405 to come back to the yard.

I then headed for Tim Horton's on Rothesay Ave. and waited for them to get RTC clearance and managed to get a video of my scanner while they got OCS clearance from Mile 83.5 to Fundy with no restrictions.

After that I headed for Ashburn Lake Rd. and caught them leaving. You should see this IDIOT on the video & photo.

Once the video & photo was taken, I headed for home but not without a chase. So I headed for Hampton for my first stop. I caught them there and I also got the scanner reading going off.

I then headed for Sussex to get the second last video of them there. The video isn't any better than the photo in this shot. For that reason, I will not show the video here.

My next & last location of the chase was Penobsquis.

I ended the chase there due to the following reasons. First, it was late enough I didn't want to stay out any later. Second, they were moving slower around Penobsquis than usual. And third, there was no spot to park than the side of the Road. So I called it a night after that.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saint John Railfanning January 22 2009

After I did my exam, I decided to head for Saint John to do some railfanning since I didn't have anything better to do. Here are some photos when I just arrived.

An odd looking car that looks like a boxcar & Hopper car in one

NBSR 3703 is out of function and by the looks of it, it's being used for parts

About 10 minutes later, CN 7038 & 7060 return to the yard with some cars

Then they push some more back to the refinery.

Finally around 1:00PM, CN 405's power heads for the Courtenay Bay to collect 43 empty potash cars. The units on 405 are 5647, 4727, 4722 & 2251.

While waiting for CN 405 to return from the Courtenay Bay, the refinery units (CN 7038 & 7060) return to get some coffee. When they headed back, CN 405 was just coming back, so they was a horn show between the two trains.

After CN 405 headed back to the yard, I headed to Tim Horton's for some coffee. When I heard that they got OCS clearance from Mile 83.5 to MP 20 of the Sussex, I headed for Ashburn Lake Rd. crossing. Here's the video I got about what happens in Saint John at Rush Hour.

Once I got the video, I headed for Tennis Court Rd., where saintjohnrailfan was waiting for CN 405 as well. Here's the video and a couple of photos of CN 405 at Tennis Court Rd. in Rothesay.

When I returned to Saint John, I noticed CN 7010 was pushing some TOFC cars

Later, around 6:30pm, I headed to Carle Ave. to catch the NB Southern WB. Nearly 10 minutes after I arrived, I saw NBSR 2317 doing some shunting in the west end of the yard.

Finally, at 8:20pm, NBSR 9802 & 2319 take the WB back to Brownville Jct. in Maine. About 10 minutes later, they pass Acamac Backland Rd.

Afterward, I headed back to my hotel to prep myself for the next day to come.

Some of my vids on Rail-Videos


This is the link of my latest videos so far on Rail-Videos.net

January 17 2009 w/ a little twist

It started out that I wanted to catch VIA 14 from Memramcook, NB (my hometown), to Amherst, NS. At around 1:17pm, VIA 14 comes flying through Memramcook with 6404 & 6405

After it flew by, I headed for Sackville to catch it departing. Here's the video.

I was also pacing this train at the Tantramar Marsh.

I notice that the Signal was not at Clear (Green) it was set to Approach (Yellow/Amber) that's when I heard that CN 407 had some problems with a car up the line.

Over an hour after it arrived, I heard that all the passengers had to get off the train and take a bus to Halifax and VIA 14 would head back for Moncton & get turned around. Here's the photo at Amherst.

It took over half an hour for the train to reach from Amherst back to Sackville. Here's the video of the train going in reverse back to Moncton.

I headed to the yard to see what was up, but there wasn't really much going on but some switching. After that, I headed for home.